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Leaked renders reveal iPhone 15 Plus curved design, USB-C port, Dynamic Island and more

Leaked renders reveal iPhone 15 Plus curved design, USB-C port, Dynamic Island and more

We're about seven months down from the iPhone 15 launch, but internet investigators are formerly out with high- resolution renders of what the forthcoming iPhone series will look like. While we shouldn't anticipate any major changes to the design( which Apple infrequently does these days), there are certain significant upgrades that earn an eye rise. Let us get into the details. 

 An exclusive report by 9to5Mac gives us an expansive look into the anticipated design of the iPhone 15 Plus, a variant of the iPhone 15 series anticipated to launch in fall 2023, as per Apple’s regular schedule. The biggest change that we notice then's the USB- C harborage on the bottom. This falls in line with reports that Apple would make the ineluctable shift to USB- C after the European Union’s guidelines needed the same. 

 iPhone 15 Plus design 

 As for design rudiments, the iPhone 15 Plus is shown to eventually embrace the Dynamic Island, preliminarily seen only on the Pro models. The notch is going down for good, for the sake of uniformity. The report mentions that the confines of the iPhone 15 Plus will be160.87 mm X77.76 mm X7.81 mm. This means the upgrade will be just slightly high and thicker than the iPhone 14 Plus(160.87 mm X77.76 mm X7.81 mm). There's also a new, slightly twisted display design in the renders, along with slimmer bezels which might make the iPhone 15 Plus just a laddie bit easier to use. 

 As per the report, these renders are grounded on CAD lines handed by Apple to its force chain mates to prepare for an impending launch. So, it seems that if indeed that's the case, the renders could just be near to the real deal. 

 To recall, contended iPhone 15 blurted images were seen just month; the images verified a USB- C harborage, Dynamic Island on the base model, and a larger6.2- inch display. Blurted renders of the iPhone 15 Pro, also by 9to5Mac, also revealed the presence of a USB- C harborage. With a new harborage and some ornamental changes coming to the new iPhone 15 series, will this be commodity that encouragesnon-Apple druggies to switch over? Only time can tell.

 crucial Specs 

 Apple iPhone 15 Plus 

 Apple A16 Bionic| 6 GB 


 elevation(17.04 cm) 


 12 MP 12 MP 

 Rear camera 

 12 MP 

 Selfie camera 

 4532 mAh 

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